Black Sea

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Black Sea

If you are thinking of taking Black Sea Cruises you couldn’t have chosen an area with more unique characteristics.  Black Sea Cruises certainly offer a wide variety of experiences.


The Black Sea is an inland sea between Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and the Ukraine.  Offering a unique insight into the different sights and cultures of Eastern Europe.


A Unique Historical Experience

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The Black Sea is an ideal destination for those of you wishing to see a variety of different countries with famous landmarks and a rich cultural history.  This region still offers such mystique about it.

Stand in wonderment at the stunning palaces; admire awesome architectural masterpieces and ancient treasures.

Black Sea Cruises will take you to cities around the Black Sea that for seventy years were hidden behind the Iron Curtain. The Black Sea region endured countless conquests throughout the ages.  From crusades to the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has witnessed tumultuous religious and political change.  Poised at the crossroads between the East and West, Istanbul precedes the last outpost of the mighty Ottoman Empire and one time paradise of the Politburo and “The People”. The Black Sea’s legendary coastline tells the enthralling history of the region.  To go ashore in ancient ports on the busy crossroad which in antiquity was known just as “The Sea”.  In the 20th Century this same sea was a significant Naval Theatre! Cities on the famous Silk Road and resorts loved by the Russian Tsars are all part of this voyage. Strategically located Constantinople now Istanbul, has jealously guarded the entrance to the Black Sea for centuries.

Ananuri Church and Castle, Georgia



Ports of call dependent on the itinerary picked would include, Istanbul, Nessebur, Constanta, Odessa, Sevastapol, Yalta, Sochi, Trabzon and Sinop.

Odessa The southern jewel of Catherine the Great’s empire, is simply enchanting with architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries. Potemkin steps and the statue of Duke de Richelieu, admire the fabled Opera house, UNESCO listed Primorsky Boulevard or visit the Orthodox Uspensky Cathedral.


Sevastapol Explore the fascinating period in Sevastapols history of the “Charge of the Light Brigade” and the battle of the fateful Crimean War, or its most recent chapter the Cold War. This is still the principal Naval Base for Ukraine and Russia.  During the Crimean War Sevastapol endured 349 days of bombardment from the British, French and Turks and history was repeated again during the 2nd World War in 1942 when Sevastapol fell to the Germans after a 250 day siege.


Yalta this was always the jewel of the Crimean Peninsula for Russia’s ruling elite.  The Romanov’s left their legacy in fine palaces.  Livadia Palace in 1945 made its mark in history as the venue for the Yalta conference, where Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt signed the peace treaty and redrew the map of Europe, whilst Massandra Palace became a summer dacha of upper echelon politburo members and a hideaway for the notorious KGB!

Livadia Palace_Yalta_Ukraine
Livadia Palace, Yalta, Ukraine


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